We’re all in this together?

As the lyrics from high school musical rang through my head ‘We’re all this together’, I thought that joining a coeliac support forum would be a great idea. I am never one to comment on any of these pages, whether they are ‘community news groups’ or ‘home cooking ideas’, I just join to have a sneak peak. I thought this group would be different, we all share a common disease, and I thought that if ‘the general world’ didn’t understand my disease, these people would.



I innocently posted a comment saying how frustrating it is being a coeliac with a dairy intolerance. I was even light hearted; I said something along the lines of ‘Anyone have a dairy intolerance as well as coeliac disease? Wish there were more dairy free and gluten free options on the market! Its always so disappointing haha!’ Did I receive any virtual hugs from fellow sufferers? First comment. Yes. A few more even agreed that they also suffer. That was nice, and that was really all I wanted. The comments to come? NO WAY.

I was told that having a dairy intolerance was easy, and that I should try having ‘X, Y, Z’ as well. The most frustrating comment was, ‘dairy intolerance is easy. Try having a corn sensitivity’. I responded saying ‘savory yes, desserts no’. Because for goodness sake I want a damn chocolate, I want a damn biscuit, I want a damn dessert with ice cream but I cannot have one. Her response was ‘what are you looking at?’ or something like that.

Look, I know, everyone feels lost when it comes to coeliac disease and all its offsets. But I wasn’t really prepared for all the backlash I got from being frustrated for not being able to eat any milk solids. And yes, you may not be able to eat corn pasta, and I am sure that is frustrating for you, but is this your post? Was I asking for people to get one up on me? But I was asking for dessert ideas, and I didnt say desserts, but that doesnt matter ok!

This may sound so trivial to people, because I thank god every day that I have a roof over my head and my health. But lets be honest, in life we get frustrated, and all we want is like-minded people to support us. I would have to say that there is an upside to me not being able to eat dairy, it opened me up to the world of veganism and animal cruelty. And to the people in that stupid forum, get a life, but I will not leave you because some people have awesome restaurant suggestions (hehe).

Have a beautiful day, and share your frustrations with me in the comment section or shoot me an email. I PROMISE I WILL EMPATHISE WITH YOU!




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  1. Way to say it!!! We all have different bodies and different life. Thank you for starting to follow me so I could start following you. You have a beautiful blog, can’t wait to see and read more.

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  2. Thanks for the like! I’m sorry you had to go through this- intolerances among people shouldn’t be a contest to see who has it the worst. Can’t we all just support each other?!


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