Quick Fix Supermarket Bread

Hey you! Yeah you! You with Coeliac Disease. Imagine this – going to the supermarket, picking up some fresh and crunchy bread for a couple dollars, driving home and eating straight away.

Well, we can all dream. And that was all just a joke, I am not going to tell you that a supermarket near you is selling fresh, not contaminated, gluten free bread. However, I am going to tell you about some supermarket brand bread mix, that will BLOW YOUR MIND. If you’re living in Australia, you must check out Coles. Not only do they have an AMAZING range of products that are gluten free, dairy free,  and ‘other things’ free, but they have bread mix to die for! (And to all non-coeliacs I mean that seriously, because we would die for nice bread. DIE.)

You can find the mix here, and victory, its only $4! You will need some yeast, vegetable oil and water… but let’s be honest, who doesn’t have that in their pantry already?! I love this bread hot, it isn’t chewy or gooey, it is crunchy and soft. Trust me, you’ll love it. That being said, the downfall to this bread is that in should be eaten hot and in one go, once it goes cold its a bit eh.

No need to fear, my FAVOURITE brand of bread mix is coming in a blog post next week. It can be found GLOBALLY. It’s not only my favourite brand for bread mix, but their mixes of everything are amazing. I do order this brand online, so it takes a while to get to me. That being said, this Coles brand of gluten free bread is perfect when you need that quick fix!

Until next time!


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