The 4 Reactions Others Have To Your Coeliac Diagnosis

Your Doctor – “You have Coeliac Disease”.

The diagnosis itself is scary, ‘bread? you’re telling me I can’t eat fresh bread?’ But I think something that can be just as scary is the reactions you receive from family and friends. I’ve put together a list of reactions that I received, and I am hoping that you can all relate!

The Hypochondriac 

As soon as you mentioned your Coeliac Disease diagnosis this person relayed the following questions, “What is Coeliac Disease?” “You get stomach aches and nausea? I get stomach aches and nausea!” “I think I have it. I should really get tested.” “Who was your doctor?” Upon seeing the hypochondriac a week or so later they continue to chat about Coeliac Disease with you and the possibility of them having it. You told them that it’s possible, because millions of people are undiagnosed. They will never get tested. But when you are near, the thought of them sharing your autoimmune diagnosis, is never far from their mind.

The A**Holes

Some people believe what they want to believe, based upon their own experiences. These people like to ‘believe’ that Coeliac disease isn’t real, and we are all just fussy pieces of crap who like to be the centre of attention. It’s like, really? Do you think I like speaking to wait staff, the manager and the chef just so I can visit a restaurant? This person likes to say things like, “just have one, it won’t seriously hurt you”, or “sure you do, everyone has Coeliac Disease”, and “what you cant eat that as well? yeah okay…” In short, these people love to make you feel uncomfortable about your already uncomfortable disease. If you’re reading this and you ever treat someone with Coeliac Disease like this, please stop. It’s not fair, and I am sure you wouldn’t do that to others who have any other disease. Yes, there are people who just dont want to eat gluten, but Coeliac Disease is serious… and you reaction to it should be serious as well.

The Pretenders

I am just going to be open here, and tell you that I hate these people. I am sure you hate them to. These people are the ones who like to say they ‘also have Coeliac Disease’, and that they ‘feel your pain’. Just an example of this (I am sure you have a tone of your own) I knew this girl, lets call her Roxy. Roxy said she had Coeliac Disease. Roxy also said things like, “I must get tested again, eating those 2 pieces of bread a day for 6 weeks”, “no it’s curable, my uncle went to England, and when he came back it was gone” and “I still eat Gluten, it just makes me really sick”. Although Roxy living in her delusional world annoyed me, the thing that angered me the most was the situation I am about to tell you about. I was at Roxy’s birthday and she told me to have a piece of cake because it was Gluten free, she was more than just encouraging me, she was pushing me to have some cake. I had already spoken to the girl that made the cake, she told me it wasn’t gluten free. I proceeded to tell Roxy this, but she tried to argue with me that it was. Long story short, Roxy has been flushed down the friendship toilet. Not only did she almost put me in the emergency room, she downgraded the struggles that I go through each and every day trying to live a gluten free life. I’ve heard that these days Roxy is also lying about having cancer, not okay.

Don’t be Roxy. Never Be Roxy.

The Understanders

These people are my favourite! These people make having Coeliac Disease great (wait, what did I just say?). These people smile and nod when you tell them about your disease. These people don’t ask you over for dinner without asking you the exact requirements of your diet, and how they should wash their pans and utensils. These people never exclude you at a function, and always have some sort of gluten free option for you to snack on. These people are bloody fantastic, and we should all be just like them!

I’d love to hear about your experiences, shoot me an email or leave a comment below!



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  1. I encounter the same kind of people with my lactose and soy intolerance.. whenever i have it i feel sick so i avoid it at all costs, even products with traces of it and people get so angry and upset that i choose to not eat something.. not sure how its any of their business but i guess its going to be like that in any kind of situation.

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  2. My heart just sinks when I hear
    young kids like you had to go through this, my daughter who is a teenager – has gluten intolerance too. She says, “mom I wouldn’t wish this upon my enemy”. She says “I understand they don’t get it what it’s like to go through this but at least they should learn not to make it miserable for us.” I’m so glad that you shed some light on this so they treat these kids with some compassion.
    Thank You. Feel Better.

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  3. Oh my Goodness! Thank you for writing this & making me feel not so alone.


  4. So true! I’ve been fortunate that most of my friends and family are Understanders. It does make the couple of A**holes in my acquaintance stand out though – for totally the wrong reasons.


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